Complete newbie with M100 out-of-the-box question

Dear all.

Having backed the Model 100 in Kickstarter and seeing the reports of the already arrived ones, I am one of the lot that is eagerly waiting for the upcoming batch to be sent. :slight_smile:

However, this is my 1st mechanical keyboard. Also, my 1st split keyboard. And the same for being ortholinear, programmable, etc. By now you get that I’m still not very knowledgeable in this field. :blush:

I’ve read and got that I can make my own layout and layers (I use Spanish Dvorak, so yes, no defaults for that), but I’ve been searching for information on the out-of-the-box-experience for the M100 and still didn’t found anything about it. Maybe I’m using the wrong keywords?

So, does it works out of the box? Do I connect it and that’s enough to start typing (with QWERTY)? Or does it need to be flashed or configured with some software? Is there a step by step wizard that helps me get started? Can I have both keyboards (the one in the notebook and the M100) working at the same time?

I’m sorry if this is all too obvious for you all. I’m eager to learn and just a few pointers will do wonders.

All in all, thanks a lot for sharing your time and attention.
And tot Jeese and Kaia for these incredibly beautiful and powerful tools for everyday enjoyment. :slight_smile:

Best regards…

Yes it will work as a keyboard out of the box.

Yes that will be fine.

You will probably want to follow these steps on the wiki:

  1. Install the Chrysalis graphical layout editor on your computer
  2. Edit your layout in Chrysalis

Dear Wesley.

Thanks a lot for you clear and detailed reply.

I already have Chrysalis and we are both waiting some hardware to connect it. :crazy_face:

In the meantime, I’m experimenting with to layout there my current Spanish Dvorak.

Again, thanks a lot for sharing and helping. I hope to be able to help others in time. :slight_smile:



you will be able to help - that is the journey, we all traveled :wink:

Enjoy your Model100 and the learning process and have fun!

Thanks a lot Stephan. :pray:t4:
Even if my particular combination is not frequent (Dvorak + Spanish + a lot of Emacs) our reasoning and solutions will be similar as our hands. I will share my part, for sure. :smile: