Compose key on MacOS Mojave

Hello! I have a keyboard layout that some wonderful people in here helped me create here , but I`ve bought myself a Mac.

In my keyboard setup I’m using right ctrl as compose key in Windows and Ubuntu, but I cannot get the compose key to work in mac. I’ve tried using this plugin for karabiner, mapping right_control to non_us_backslash as per the guide, but the compose key is still not working. Any one using compose keys in macos mojave here that can help?

PS: I’ve been meaning to change some slightly annoying things in my keyboard layout as well (not having one mode work with norwegian keys without use of modifier, it turned out to be suprisingly annoying as I also use it for games) so I’d be happy to make changes in the code as well, I am how ever near useless at C++ and every attempt so far has crashed.

Have today got the Compose key working on MacOS Mojave 10.14 (on a MacBook Pro Mid 2015 - UK keyboard) by following the instructions from the following site

Proved to be a lot easier to implement than some of the of the other suggestions out there.

One change I made in the Karabiner-Elements Preferences was to remove the modification “CapsLock real key is Left Control”

Hope that it also works for you!

I also have Compose set up in Ubuntu 18.04 and in Windows 10 (Windows 10 via WinCompose) - on a triple boot mac (macOS, Ubuntu, Windows)