Mac special keys

Hi, first of I am really and I mean really loving my new keyboard…
I have two questions.

  1. I will only be using my keyboard on a Mac and every once in a while on Linux. Is there a way to add the standard Mac F keys? the ones that do a play, pause, next track, volume, expose etc function?

  2. Is there an easy way to save some memory, I get the “Low memory available, stability problems may occur.” error every time I compile. I was hoping there were some OS independand variables I could easily delete if I promise NEVER to work on Windows…

For sketch space, I found that removing the testmode plugin & LED-Stalker effects can free up a fair amount of memory.

For the Mac keys, I think you want the Consumer_ family of keys; Consumer_VolumeDecrement , Consumer_VolumeIncrement, and Consumer_Mute work for me on macOS.
I haven’t tried the other media controls, but there is a Consumer_Play button that might work (I’m not on my Mac right now & can’t test). I’m not sure about things like Exposé, but there is a giant list of consumer key codes that might contain something useful.


I’ll try that and thanks for the list!

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