Making Cmd+Backspace a no-op on macOS

Hi, I’m using the default firmware with the default setup on macOS. Mostly it works fine for me but for some reason I keep on hitting Cmd + Backspace on the same time on this keyboard - probably because the keys are now next to each other!
This deletes the current line of text, which is not convenient!

Of course one solution would be to just take more care when typing and I understand this is a viable option… but I’d also like to see an option either using a macOS software or maybe by reprogramming the keyboard which would make Cmd+Backspace a no-op.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to achieve that?

To me this sounds like a solution using Karabiner-Elements rather than a macro on the keyboard, like a temporary fix I’d toggle on during work hours and off for practicing better habits during the less important typing outside of work. Kinda like training wheels. Maybe that’s just me! That’s how i learned Colemak. Also, i use cmd+bksp on purpose to delete lines and form fields, it’s great when done intentionally, but yes, horrifying by accident!

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Alternatively, you could swap the positions of Shift and Command on the thumbs. Since Shift is more commonly used than Command, and less dangerous, it makes sense to put it closer to the home position of the thumb.


This is what I ended up doing. I found the Karabiner software to be strange and I edited some JSON files from the samples but could not get it to work. Using the Arduino IDE and modifying the firmware was much more straight forward, in my opinion.