Custom German Layout


I created my custom layout with some major changes, maybe it is an inspiration for the one or the other:

  • I had to move shift to it’s usual place, just could not get used to thumb shifting.
  • I removed Mousemovement plugin, eeprom settings etc from the firmware. I do not use it, so it does not eat up space and compile time
  • I have several Layers: Primary layer is a qwertz layer, but I want to learn XOY (neo based layout), which I also have as a dedicated layer. Then there is a GAME layer and the usual Function layer. But I just added a couple of macros there instead of the mouse part. Last but no least I use a SPECIAL layer for all those braces
  • switching to GAME or XOY Layer I use magic combos - FN+FN+Rightmost, lowest Key (shift in my layout) switches to GAME, FN+FN+Leftmost, lowest Key (Other shift) switches to XOY

One interesting feature: I have created a custom plugin, that makes it possible to have a different LED Effect on each layer. And, if you cycle through them using the LED key, it will be associated with that layer (until next reboot).

you can get it here:

Primary QWERTZ:

Special Layer for braces etc:


Function Layer:

Last but not least, GAME Layer: