Deactivate Space Cadet, when fn is pressed to enable double tap shift in IntelliJ?


(David Sanwald) #1

I’m a grateful user of the Space Cadet plugin and I wouldn’t want to miss it.
But since I had to start using IntelliJ Idea for some of my work, I ran into a problem.

IntelliJ heavily relies on things like “double SHIFT” or “double CTRL”, which collides with the Space Cadet plugin.
Is there a way to deactivate the Space Cadet functionality if the thumb/fn key is pressed?

Unfortunately, I’m still fairly new to the firmware.

(Michael Richters) #2

If you use Qukeys instead of SpaceCadet, you can define shift keys on some layers to send parens on tap, but they can be ordinary shift keys on other layers. A macro function can also be used to toggle it on and off globally.

(David Sanwald) #3

Don’t know if I did it in the most intelligent manner but it works (:
Unfortunately it increased my percentage of typos but I think it’s a matter of getting used to it and tweaking the parameters.

Thank you very much!