Deactivate Space Cadet, when fn is pressed to enable double tap shift in IntelliJ?

I’m a grateful user of the Space Cadet plugin and I wouldn’t want to miss it.
But since I had to start using IntelliJ Idea for some of my work, I ran into a problem.

IntelliJ heavily relies on things like “double SHIFT” or “double CTRL”, which collides with the Space Cadet plugin.
Is there a way to deactivate the Space Cadet functionality if the thumb/fn key is pressed?

Unfortunately, I’m still fairly new to the firmware.

If you use Qukeys instead of SpaceCadet, you can define shift keys on some layers to send parens on tap, but they can be ordinary shift keys on other layers. A macro function can also be used to toggle it on and off globally.

Don’t know if I did it in the most intelligent manner but it works (:
Unfortunately it increased my percentage of typos but I think it’s a matter of getting used to it and tweaking the parameters.

Thank you very much!

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Would you be able to share the relevant details of your sketch here? I’m also running into the same problem with IntelliJ and double-tapping shift.

I tried setting my the shift keys to Key_LeftShift and Key_RightShift in my function layer, and Key_LeftParen, Key_RightParen in my primary layer, but I still get a paren when I hold fn and tap a shift key.

This is my Qukeys config:

    kaleidoscope::plugin::Qukey(0, KeyAddr(3, 7), Key_LeftShift),      // (/shift
    kaleidoscope::plugin::Qukey(0, KeyAddr(3, 8), Key_RightShift),      // )/shift

I had the same issue with SpaceCadet. Instead, I defined a macro (fn+butterfly) to send the “space space”. That was my workaround.