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I was thinking about moving the shift keys off the thumb row by adding them to letter keys. It almost works: using space cadet, I have left shift set to emit an f when tapped, and right shift emits a j. Then I bind those to the appropriate key and I’m set. That works perfectly, with one exception. While I can produce a shifted J by holding down the f key, the reverse doesn’t work. That is, the f stays lower case when I hold the J.

My first attempt used a and ;, and I had the same problem in reverse - I could shift the A with the ; key but couldn’t get the : key by holding a.

Is this something that should work? It’s a little unseemly how excited I am about getting two more thumb keys out of this, if I can get it to work.



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This is not intended behaviour, but something that isn’t all that easy to fix. I’m not going into details right now, because its late (but if you or anyone else is curious, I will happily do so after some sleep).

I’d try @merlin’s Qukeys plugin, which is a third way of doing something like SpaceCadet and DualUse do. I have not tried it myself, but from its description, it is the best of the three.

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