Detect Computer Language Settings

Hi all!

I use a Japanese IME as my input language on Windows 10. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it’s an input language software with multiple states for the different alphabet types the language has. I would like to change my LED configuration on a per-alphabet basis to make it easier to know which alphabet is currently selected. The issue is that the current state is saved on a per-window basis, so I can’t simply map the LED state to a hotkey. It also has a “disabled” state when not in a typable window where hotkeys still work, but attempts to change the alphabet do not. It seems I have two options: Modify the massive codebase for the IME, or hope there’s a way for my keyboard to detect the current language state or listen for changes in language state. Anyone know if this is possible and, if so, could point me in the direction of where to get started?

Thanks for the help!

Sadly, the keyboard can’t detect the host-side state without help from the host itself. Best you can do is listen for language state changes on the host side, and send a message to the keyboard when they happen (if listening like that is at all possible).