Difficulty setting up the build and flashing environment on Windows 10

The procedure to flash the keyboard doesn’t work on windows 10.

I followed this link

I’m not sure if windows is not mentioned on the page because it’s not supported, or because the instructions are obvious on windows.

I downloaded arduino from the website and installed 1.8 in C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino

I downloaded github.com/keyboardio/Arduino-Boards.git in C:\hardware\keyboardio\avr

I downloaded the github.com/keyboardio/Model01-Firmware.git in C:\Model01-Firmware

The “make” option doesn’t work because windows doesn’t recognised make as a valid command. I suppose I need to add a make.exe to the path, but I’m not sure what this program is.

In Arduino 1.8.5 IDE, after loading C:\Model01-Firmware\Model01-Firmware.ino, and upload, I get this build error:
C:\Model01-Firmware\Model01-Firmware.ino:17:26: fatal error: Kaleidoscope.h: No such file or directory

Has somebody been able to resolve the issues on either of the methods?



Try following this guide. It’s for Mac but it works for Windows just as well.

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The error “Kaleidoscope.h: No such file or directory” in the IDE is often caused by not selecting the Keyboardio Model 01 under Tools->Board. That could be part of the problem.

It’s supported, but docs are still being written for Windows. This thread is where we’ve been figuring things out.

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Indeed, the current board is “Arduino/Genuinon Uno”, and I don’t have “Keyboardio Model 01” in the Tools->Board list. I’ll dig a bit to see how I can get it in there.

Thanks all for the advice. It works now. The conclusion, is that the instructions are definitely not there on the page for windows, but the instructions for Mac to set-up the IDE worked, and I was able to flash the keyboard.

Among other things, the page explains how to add keyboard io to the board list in the Arduino IDE.

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Thats because you need to install the keyboardio packages or whatever Arduino calls it from within the Arduino IDE. If you had followed the link I posted you would have most likely solved it by now.

yeah well, I tried one reply at a time.

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Thank you for sticking with this and answering questions. The Windows docs should be solid now for Windows 10. I’m not sure what is still missing, but would like to get them right. If you have a chance, could you let me know what needs to be added?

It just occurred to me that I should add a note at the top of the windows docs letting folks know that there are issues with Windows 7 and 8. Going to do that now. :slight_smile:


Hello Jennifer.

My understanding is that page is the starting point about how to flash the keyboard. You should probably add links to it at various places.

So yeah, on the page above add a section “windows”: work in progress, but try to follow the instructions for Mac which are very close:

This is the Windows IDE install page:

The Model 01 Readme was the original that Jesse wrote for the PVT release group. It’s been pretty much superseded by the Kaleidoscope wiki I linked above.