Do you want a travel case for your Model 01?

We’re trying to gauge interest for a semi-rigid nylon zip case for the Model 01.

The two halves would be stored back to back, with a specially molded interior designed to protect the keycaps and the enclosure. There’d be a place for cables and center bars, but not a place for the stands inside the case.

Is this something you’d want?

  • I don’t need one
  • If I had one, I’d use it, but I wouldn’t pay anything extra for it
  • I need one. I’d pay $25 for it.
  • I need one. I’d pay $50 for it.

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I’m more interested in the portable version of the Model01 you mentioned in the recent kickstarter update.

Personally, I’ve been carrying my keyboard to work in a laptop sleeve, it worked out fine, I do not see the need for an extra case anymore.

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The difference is that a travel case is something that is relatively low cost and relatively quick to make. Sadly, a “travel version” of the Model 01 isn’t going to be something we can knock out in a couple months.

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If one was available, I might decide it was worth having for the very rare occasions on which I might use it, and because I might later have a reason to use it more often (e.g. if I start to find it intolerable to use other keyboards). I would definitely be willing to pay money for it, if I decide I want to have one. On the other hand, my need for any kind of case is vanishingly small, so it’s pretty likely that I wouldn’t want one, even if it is free.


I’m in the “don’t travel enough to justify buying it, but it sounds neat” camp.

If it unfolds down the middle and can double as a basic dust cover though, I’d be all over that.


I don’t travel much, but when I do, I’d love to take my Model01 with me, so I’m definitely in the “worth $25” camp. Depending on how it looks, and a few other factors, I might even be in the “worth $50” camp.


I carry mine to work, and I use the stands, so I’d pay for the $50+ option if that level allowed room for those without removing them everyday. I really should just put that money towards a second Model 01, though.

Besides this, I doubt that I will ever travel with the keyboard (though I’d certainly miss it while away).


I should clarify that the $25 and $50 price-points are to help us understand if we can afford to make the cases at a price point that will work for people, not two different versions of the bag.


I could only say if I needed one, when I receive my model01 at the end of this month and would have time testing it. To see wether I’d bring it to work or not.

I haven’t been able to justify to myself even asking work to contribute to my personal keyboardio (even though I plan to use it at work) since they’ve already been pretty generous getting me an earlier reasonably ergonomic keyboard for work, I’d get it even if I didn’t want it for work and I don’t want any ambiguity about who owns it whatsoever. But I could probably justify asking them to contribute to making it easier for me to take it to work.

I mostly work at home, but once a week I take my model 01 to a coffee shop for a coworking group. I shove it into my backpack with the flat coupling bar attached. This doesn’t feel very safe or rugged.

So, heck yes I’d love a better travel case.

I’m currently carrying my Model 01 in a 13inch laptop sleeve. I take it to work everyday. So this would a cheaper upgrade than an extra keyboard.

I could use one but I just use a cheap laptop bag that I got on sale at Amazon and that works sufficiently well. I’d probably have paid ~$20 extra on top of the price of my keyboard for one that form fits well and has pockets for cables and connector bars when ordering a new unit, but the shipping costs could make it somewhat prohibitive, I think.

I will be taking my Model 01 to and from work and on any remote working trips. However a second keyboard could solve some of that issue… that said, I’d probably opt for a case for a while.

The second keyboard is definitely worth it, at least for me. I’ve got one at my desk at home and one at my desk at work. Though a travel case would be nice if I wanted to take either with me.

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I’d pay a reasonable amount for a case that let me transport my Model 01 without taking off the stands and bar (which would have to be pretty sturdy). A random laptop sleeve has been fine for just transporting the disconnected keyboard without stands.

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Not sure. I think the Model 01 isn’t just made for travelling (at least for me) and I do not think that a case might help a lot. Since I have to travel a lot I loved to have a lighter Model 01. In the mean time I’m still looking for something ergonomic that fits in a backpack.

This would be great! I carry my keyboards back and forth with me to work all the time. The main thing I would be looking for in a case would be something that would protect the keyboards. I chose the $25 option but to be fair, I would probably go in the 30 -40 range as well (but 40 would be toward the top end for me).

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Could it come with smaller portable stands? I currently stick the whole shebang (stands included) back in the shipping box when I go places. If it did that, I’d pay 50 bucks or more.

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