Do you want a travel case for your Model 01?


A velvet-lined instrument case would be perfect for such a beautiful instrument. In fact I think I’m going to try to build one myself since most people here seem to want something cheaper.

(Gergely Nagy) #22

I need one of these. When I pass away in a few decades, I want to pass on my Model01 in its proper case - as described above - to my children. Because that’s how I imagine a family heirloom should be passed on.

(Andreas Jacobsen) #23

+1, I would really appriciate a carry case. I don’t use the stands but would throw money at a model 01 case in a heartbeat.

(Jesse) #24

We got some photos back from the case factory last night.

This is the work-in-progress prototype. If things go well, we may offer it for sale later this year.

(fluffy) #25

love it love it love it


+love for the prototype.

I am interested as I am carrying mine back and forward on Monday/Friday.

I am trying to convince myself I need a 2nd Ki/o01 for home, I am trying to resist and wait for an 02. I hope to have one without the wood enclosure as the design is a little too showy for work.

(John T. Johnson) #27

Well, I just ordered a second keyboard so I wouldn’t have to transport and risk damaging it, so don’t need one now.

(fluffy) #28

Any updates on the travel case? I am still quite interested.

(Jesse) #29

We’ve gotten a second sample and requested a few more changes. But we’re getting close.


I found an old crumpler hymm book case for a 17" laptop which is working quite well!

I cant fit the tenting kit in so I have abandoned my plan to start them for the time being.

(Jolyon Brown) #31

I’ve travelled with my keyboard for the first time this week. I’ve found out that a bag would be very handy indeed. I’d also use it as a dust cover as well at other times.

(Jesse) #32

Two more teaser pics from our case vendor. The “final” sample should be here on Monday.