Do you want a travel case for your Model 01?

(Jesse) #41

That’s right. We’re adding a note to the page :slight_smile:

(Adrià Casajús) #42

Already backed for two :+1:

(fluffy) #43

Mine arrived yesterday. It’s pretty great, although I’m not sure it’ll fit in my backpack. Oops.

(pcurry) #44

I missed the Kickstarter, will there be another run? I could use at least 2 cases…

(Jesse) #45

We’ve got cases on hand. We’re trying to get our US warehousing sorted out before we announce availability.

(John Jones) #46

Is there anyway to get one of these before next Friday?


(Jesse) #47

Yes, but the shipping would be crazy.

You’d need to pick FedEx or UPS. (And would need to place the order in the next day)

(pcurry) #48

OK! Setting aside 3 cases worth of cash for when you announce. :slight_smile: