Does debugWire work on Model 01 ATtiny?

Has anyone successfully turned on and used debugWire on the Model 01 ATtinys? (probably the right hand one, because the reset line on left one is hardwired to the ATmega)

I’d like to know if someone else has done it before I risk bricking my Model 01 by programming the DWEN fuse on the ATtiny.

I’ve played with it but never successfully used it. At the time when it would have been seriously useful, iirc, the open debugwire tooling wasn’t really a thing.

I have managed to turn it on, fail to use it, and then brick a Model 01 PCB and recover using a high voltage programmer.

Oof, thanks for the report. It looks like if I want to do HV programming of the ATtiny, I’ll basically have to unsolder it completely (and ZIF sockets for QFN are $$$ as I recall), so maybe I’ll avoid trying debugWire. Maybe I’ll try doing JTAG debugging on the ATmega instead. That seems a little safer.