Does the autoshift plugin work with the model 100?

Hi, all:

I tried incorporating AutoShift on my sketch, but I could not get it working.
I figured I could have done something wrong, so I tried using the example to see how it would work.
The example compiles fine, but does not seem to work at all.

Has anyone had success using this plugin as of late?

Thanks for any info.

Update: tried on the model 01 too, same results.

I’m using Kaleidoscope 1.99.7 for either model.

I had some help on this other thread:

If I turn off any settings related to the EEPROM, I can get the autoshift example to work.

I am not sure if reseting my keyboardio to factory settings using Chrysalis clears the EEPROM properly, since this plugin does not work for me with the EEPROM settings turned on.