Flashing the most recent version messes up my Colemak layer

I have config here: https://gitlab.com/to1ne/Model01-Firmware/blob/toon/Model01-Firmware.ino

When I flash that, the Colemak layer is all wrong. See this screenshot from Chrysalis:

So it’s not the Colemak layer, it’s the qwerty layer, with every key shifted 1 to the left. Very weird.

I see… This somehow got messed up in Chrysalis, and now that layout is flashed to EEPROM?
How can I fall-back to what’s set in the firmware?

You can go to “Keyboard Settings”, expand the “Advanced” section, and there will be a button there to clear EEPROM. With a clear EEPROM, the firmware will fall back to what was compiled in.