FreeBSD build support


I’ve spent a couple days a while ago getting everything to build properly on FreeBSD, and have been using this toolchain for about a month now without issue on both Linux and (primarily) FreeBSD.

If you’re interested, the fruits of my labor are available at github. There’s a PR in the main repo for it, and I’ve updated the wiki as well.

If you’ve got a FreeBSD box to test this stuff on I’d appreciate it. Particularly the install instructions, since a lot of that is from memory and may be incorrect.

As a side note: it felt a little weird to update the wiki with the instructions. I know it’s a wiki, but it still felt like I was being presumptuous. Was it ok to add the documentation there, or is there a better channel to go through for getting stuff put in?

(Gergely Nagy) #2

I think the Wiki is the perfect place for it, and updating it was the right call. Thank you!