Gather Best Practices in the Wiki

Hello all,

would it be an idea to try to gather best practices mentioned in this forum in the wiki?
Example: switching layer temporarily or permanent, …

After reading here for a few days I think this could be helpful for all to tackle common problems when trying to play with the layouts an alike.

Or have I missed something and such a documentation already exists?




Capturing knowledge and best practices for the wiki would be wonderful. I got the initial setup documentation in a usable state, but didn’t go very far with it. If you would like to work on it let me know and I’ll help in any way I can. :slight_smile:

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That would be great. I was dismayed by how long it took me to figure out that LShift(Key_Minus) was what I needed to do to get an underscore in my layout on a symbol layer, for instance. I may have the case wrong on that, btw.

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Ok, I will have a look at the wiki on how and where to store the best practices.
I will come back for questions and guidance.