Globe key and Chrysalis

While waiting for my Model 100 to arrive, does anyone has experience programming the Globe key (Apple keyboard) into Chrysalis?

My current daily driver is an iPad Pro 12.9” with Magic Keyboard and kinda using the Globe key quiet often.

PS I’m just learning Swift on late 2014 MBP. Once I get the hang of it I’ll buy a new Mac. Until then I mostly use my iPad Pro with keyboard connected to an external monitor.

Do you know if any non-Apple usb keyboards support the globe key? The thing we need to figure out is what USB hid event it sends.

I did found something online about the Logitech Keys-to-go, which has a globe key, but for some reason doesn’t work. But that’s just about it.

On iPad I can remap Caps Lock to be the globe key. In Chrysalis I then could remap Caps Lock to a key of my choosing. I guess that could work.

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That should, indeed, work.

It seems the globe key (function/fn key) can only legally be used by Apple as a true key. I assume that allows them to sell more keyboards… The workaround you found is probably the best solution, and should work “at the OS level on all [Apple] devices”.

Other keyboard firmwares have GitHub issues with a more detailed explanation:
zmk: Apple "Globe key" modifier (Fn key) · Issue #947 · zmkfirmware/zmk · GitHub
qmk: The Apple Fn Key · Issue #2179 · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub (QMK Firmware)

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