Has anyone gotten Unicode input to work in Windows?

I love my Atreus that I got a few months ago, but I’ve never been able to make Unicode input work. You can see all the details in the issue I created in the Kaleidoscope repo. But in brief, I’ve tried all the HostOS settings, and I’ve set HKEY_Current_User/Control Panel/Input Method in the registry, but still I’m getting hex codes or strange key combinations instead of Unicode characters.

Has anyone been successful with this in Windows?


I got a try to use Unicode plugin in Windows.
I set the registry variable as said by @algernon as you can see below :

I had code to have ♆ on my ALT_GR layer and it works well.
You can have a look at my code : Kaleidoscope/AtreusBepo.ino at test/unicode · rloic82/Kaleidoscope · GitHub

Just focus on Unicode part as I just add this part to my sketch.

I believe the key is to have the registry set and the HostOS.os(kaleidoscope::hostos::WINDOWS) in setup part.

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Thanks! I gave it another try and got the same results, but this time I found out that my trouble was caused by two things:

  • Unicode input in Windows relies on Alt + [a hex code], which may activate shortcuts involving Alt (which is especially likely when the hex code includes letters). Here’s a discussion on this. In short, there’s no solution except to disable all Alt shortcuts, which I don’t want to do because I use these shortcuts.
  • My Kaleidoscope layout is QWERTY but I use a Colemak Windows keyboard layout, which means that the hex code sent by the keyboard sometimes ends up garbled. For example, “201D” becomes “201S” because in Colemak, the “S” key is in the same position as the QWERTY “D” key.

So Unicode input via Kaleidoscope just won’t work, because of my particular situation (I like my Alt shortcuts, and I use a non-QWERTY Windows keyboard layout).

In the end I set up the Unicode characters in AutoHotkey, and that will work well.

Thank you for your reply anyway @rloic! I wouldn’t have discovered these issues if you hadn’t prompted me to try again.

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