List of availble input names

Hi, first of all, stoked to finally start tinkering on my new keyboard! On my old keyboard I used a quite extensively modified xkb symbols file, using alt-gr to write more exotic symbols. I would like to do the same using kaleidoscope, but I am unsure how. Say for instance that I would like to, when left alt is depressed, that pressing a yields a greek lambda, f yields ctrl-w and d yields ∧. If this is not possible, how can I add an alt-gr button to do it via my xkb config? Finding the software really nice so far, loving it so far!

Making a key yield a control key can be done by putting it in the keymap like LCTRL(w) (so in this case, you could make your left alt be a shiftToLayer key and on that layer the key in the “f” position of the keymap would be LCTRL(w).

The unicode is a bit trickier – there is the Kaleidoscope-Unicode plugin that you could use in conjunction with macros to type Greek lambda characters. The unicode plugin though relies on having the host OS set correctly, since it simulates pressing the os-specific key shortcut to type symbols (e.g. on Linux, it types C-S-u then the keycodde). This might be okay for you, but keep in mind it may not work optimally when using another OS (I actually have a layer in my layout that does just this, but I have to also have a key sequence to switch OSes and some characters don’t work properly on macOS anyway…works fine on Linux though).

Finally, I believe you can put a Key_RightAlt in your keymap and that should be AltGr.

thanks, that answers my questions. Shame about unicode, but youre right that its not something fixable with keyboard firmware alone.