Alt international not working

without any changes to the layout of the keyboard, just out of the box alt international is not working but it is my main keyboard layout as a german speaker.
it works on my other keyboard on the same machine without changing any settings.
any ideas on how to fix the issue?

When you say “alt international”, are you referring to a specific key on the keyboard, or a keyboard layout?

sry for being cryptic, i am referring to a specific layout, namely "us english international with AltGr dead keys (on linux, but I use the layout on other OSs, too). e.g. I type alt + y to get ü which works on my normal qwerty keyboard at work but not my keyboardio when both are plugged into the same machine.

Are you using the left or right alt key on your “standard” keyboard? And on your Kaleidoscope keyboard, are you using Key_LeftAlt or Key_RightAlt?

Out of the box, the Butterfly key is the AltGr key (right Alt key on most keyboards). The labelled Alt key on the right-hand side is actually a left Alt key.

You need to change it in Chrysalis.

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thanks a million, this resolved the issue!