Where to fiind the other standard keys inm Chrysalis?

I am just starting to explore modifying the keyboard layout using Chrysalis and am unable to figure out how to find some of the standard keys that appear on a keyboard. Specifically ! @) etc. These appear on the Function layer of the Keyboard layout but not in the Chrysalis interface (at least anywhere that I can find.

Help please!

Hello, and welcome onboard :keyboard:

Depending of the version you use (Chrysalis 0.8.x introduced a new key picker), and the keyboard layout of your operating system (QWERTY, Colmak, Dvorak, …) it may vary.
For instance, to have an @ with an AZERTY keyboard, I need to press AltGr+à (the 0 key on qwerty keyboard), so here I go :

  • choose your language to reflect the disposition of your keyboard image
  • Select the Pick a key button image
  • pick the key where your symbol reside on your standard keyboard image
  • assign the modifiers needed (eg. Shift, or AltGr) if any image

The symbol representation may not be accurate (there is a work in progress on this), so you may need to save your configuration and test in a text editor :smile:

If you don’t succeed, tell us which keyboard layout you use and what symbol you search, and we’ll try to figure it out :hammer_and_wrench:

Happy hacking !

Hi. The characters ! @) are programmed as Shift 1, 2, and 0 - use the numbers above the letters, not the numpad.

I’m using Dvorak; here’s my level 0, showing ~?! at the lower right. You can see the ! as 1 with the modifier Shift applied. The tilde is shifted ` and ? is shifted /. So now I can type ~?! without pressing the shift key and also ( and ), which are shifted 9 and 0.

This is done for my convenience, but after a while I forget that on a “standard” keyboard, people cannot access these characters as easily. The beauty of Atreus and Chrysalis!!!

The next ver of Chrysalis should show the key picker below the keyboard without greying out the keyboard. I had to snip and paste to get this pic ?!?!?!!!

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This is true if you are using a US layout on your computer. Users of international layouts may have to do a bit of brain-gymnastics to get to the correct key. For example, on a German keyboard, the ~ symbol is AltGr-Plus, but the key that is + on a German keybord is ] on a US keyboard, so to get ~ on a German layout you actually have to tell Chrysalis that you want AltGr-]. It can be a bit confusing for new users, I imagine. Also, you have to know both layouts to get what you want. It would be great if Chrysalis would support international layouts in a future version, but tbh, for me it’s not that big of a deal.

Well… Actually, Chrysalis does :slight_smile:

There is some more work in progress for the labeling of the combinaisons of keys + modifiers, and for the min/MAJ of numbers and symbols, but the picker really made the life simpler and more efficient :champagne:

Thanks for the useful information. I am exploring it now, more questions to come I am sure.

Huh, I totally missed that. Thank you!
Time to try the latest version, I guess. :slight_smile: