Kaleidoscope-like functionality on built-in Mac keyboard?

I’ve gotten super spoiled by my ability to customize my Atreus, but for Reasons I’m often still just using the built-in MacBook Pro keyboard. I’d love to bring over some of the Kaleidoscope-like innovations to the built-in keyboard. Specifically I love love love the ability to treat an arbitrary key like a modifier when you hold it down so that I don’t usually have to move very far off the home row.

Does anyone here have experience doing such things, e.g. in Karabiner-Elements or some other tool?

I never did something like that, but it might be possible using Hammerspoon. You need to be a bit experienced in programming in order to use it though.

But I really doubt it. Reason: when keeping a normal key pressed, the OS repeats that key. So an application can’t tell the difference of you hitting that key often or the OS is doing it.

You’d probably need to install a custom keyboard driver in order to get near that kind of functionality…

or use a travel case to get that done.

On linux I think it would work though.