Unicode.type produces the hex code, instead of a Unicode character

I’m having trouble getting Unicode input to work on my new Atreus. I followed the guide and example exactly, but instead of resulting in a Unicode character, it causes the hex code and a space to be typed (in the example, "2328 " instead of “:keyboard:”).

Here is my code in its entirety.

I couldn’t find any resources on this problem, so I’m hoping someone can shed some light on it. Everything else in my setup works fine, and I was pleased at how straightforward it was to move from Chrysalis to a Kaleidoscope sketch, after I realized Chrysalis does not include Unicode input options.

What operating system is running on the machine your keyboard is connected to? The proper setup for the Unicode plugin depends on the OS because they have different methods of accepting Unicode input.

Thanks, I missed that. I’m on Windows 10.

The only thing I could find is to add this line to the end of setup(): HostOS.os(kaleidoscope::hostos::WINDOWS);

Now something is inputted other than the hex code, but it is either undisplayable Unicode characters, or unexpected key combinations. :thinking: I also tried hostos::OTHER, but there too the hex code is outputted.

Should I raise this as an issue at github.com/keyboardio/Kaleidoscope, or am I missing something? Thanks!