Having a hard time getting started

Hey! long time Model 01 user trying to get my new Model 100 going on my MacBook Pro 13" 2020 running version 12.5.1

I plugged it in initially and got the keyboard not recognized error, unplugged it, replugged it, and was able to type using the default key map, so the keyboard was functional, but I wanted to install my tweaked keymap, so I went looking in the forums.

I read Gergely’s update about the firmware issue, and so am trying to use Chrysalis to install the update. I keep getting communication timeout issues. I have gotten the software to connect to the keyboard a couple times, but when I try to run the firmware update it times out. A couple times Chrysalis has frozen, not taking any input, and I had to quit it from the Activity Monitor.

Can I use my old .ino setup for programming the Model 01 to program the Model 100? Can I use that application to install the firmware update?

If not, is there documentation somewhere on the steps to take to get the software to communicate with the keyboard?


I tried it again, and after a failed connection it connected and reports that it installed the firmware. Is it common for there to be connection issues like this between Chrysalis and the keyboard?