Chrysalis says Model 100 firmware flashed successfully, but then it can't find the keyboard

Chrysalis says Model 100 firmware flashed successfully, but then it can’t find the keyboard

Then, if I unplug, hold down the upper left button, and plug back in, it can find the keyboard, and says it needs to update the firmware again.

This is with Chrysalis 0.11.0, the most recent version I am able to run.

You may need to fetch newer firmware manually. The firmware shipped with 0.11.0 has a fair number of bugs we fixed since.

You can grab a bundle of firmware files from here.

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The one I want is Keyboardio/Model100/default.bin, correct?

I unplugged the Model100, held down prog, and plugged it back in. Chrysalis then recognized it, but with an “Unknown” port:

I hit “Connect” and got this:

I pressed “Update Firmware,” selected “Choose a local firmware build,” and selected the one you linked to, at Keyboardio/Model100/default.bin.

I pressed “Update” and the left column of the Model 100 flashed green, and I got a “Firmware flashed successfully” message with a green light on the Model100.

But even so, Chrysalis still does not recognize the Model 100 - unless I unplug and hold down the prog key again, and then it asks me to update firmware again.

Oh, right. Apologies, this isn’t going to be a firmware issue, nor a Chrysalis one. Chrysalis communicates with the keyboard over USB serial, and for Win7, that might likely require a special driver. You might have some success with Zadig, that’s the one recommended by node-usb. I never managed to make it work, however, so I’m afraid you’re on your own here.

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Ok, thanks for looking at this.

Chrysalis recognizes the Model 01 and the Atreus though - do those not communicate in the same way?

Will I be able to make Arduino and kaleidoscope work?

It doesn’t seem to be showing up on Arduino.

Win7 might have drivers for those, as they predate it’s end of life, while the Model100 does not. I have no idea why the Model01 and Atreus might work, but the Model 100 does not. I never managed to make the former two work either, neither on Win7, nor Win8.

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Thanks - will I have the same issue with Arduino?