Issue with installing/updating model 100

Hello guys. Just got my keyboardio 100 and it looks great but I cannot seem to flash the firmware as it advises.
Darn thing just doesn’t seem to want to go into programming mode. I press and hold the programming key but it then thinks about it, the led light comes on and pulses a couple of times and then it just says failed.

It is currently reporting the right model but is stating “Firmware version unavailable” can anyone point me at a topic/fix please?

There is a trick that for some reason I always have to use: disconnect the keyboardio, and keep the prog key pressed while you connect. I noticed that if I do not do that, the first time I try to program my keyboardio, it may just go into programming mode, and I have to try again to program it. It works, but the process takes at least twice as long.

Once you put it on programming mode, you’ll have to reconnect to Chrysalis. This is how I do the factory reset whenever I cause some issue with the firmware. It has not happened since I stopped playing with EEPROM, and decided to go only with custom firmware, but it is good to know how to reset if needed.

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