"Heirloom Grade" Keyboard pack (Solderer's Special)

1 Keyboardio Model 01 quiet click
2 Keyboardio Model 01 clicky
1 spare right-hand board
Assortment of used switches, mostly clicky
Includes 1 carrying case with screwdriver

$200 + shipping

The quiet click has a fully functional left side and a wrecked right side. After replacing switches and breaking traces and repairing traces and breaking the board, I’ve given up.

Clicky #1 is mostly functional. Failed space key, chatter on w and I

Clicky #2 is a fully functional disaster. Prepare to fight for your keypresses. The right side came from the factory with ready-jam switches

Spare circuit board has some broken traces, but isn’t broken

Switches were harvested from spare board.

Indianapolis area

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
I loved the Model 01. My brother and I bought went the Kickstarter route for the clickys. I loved it so much, I bought a quiet click for work. They degraded over the years and what started off as a project to fix them is ending with me selling them to recoup the costs of a new Model 100. My loss is a more skilled person’s gain.