Help! the right side just stopped working!

i don’t know what happened but the right side of my keyboard stopped working. i unplugged it and plugged it in again and the right side ONLY started lighting up white, one key at a time. now they’re all lit up and nothing is working.

Did you unplug the keyboard from the computer after re-seating the connecting cable on both ends?

i did. i’ve unplugged both sides, unplugged it from the computer. then i reconnected the halves before plugging back into the computer. every time i plug it into the computer, the right side keys light up one by one, white, but the right side does not register keystrokes. the left side is working as normal.

i’ve tried holding down PROG as noted in this post but that hasn’t made any difference. i tried flashing my layout back onto the keyboard and that also did not work.

i’ve now opened up the left side to get to the reset button, but that doesn’t seem to be making a difference either! have i bricked my keyboard?

Have you tried a different cable to connect the two halves?

i have! i’ve tried the cables that came with the keyboard as well as my own cat5 cable. same result. :frowning:

The right side lighting up white one LED at a time is an indicator of a hardware problem. We’re working with David to get him a replacement for the misbehaving electronics

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i got the replacement electronics for my right half today. it’s working and i’m back typing on my ferrari again! woohoo ! thanks @jesse


@ jesse

Same thing going on with the ‘Model 01-Q #001247’ I was planning to use at home.
Tried different USB-C & RJ45 cables, took off the maple-wood just to be sure there’s no interference.
Chrysalis is mostly noting COM3 error after completing COM4 Factory Reset/and updating 0.8.4 firmware successfully.!