Connectivity issues with the right side of the keyboard

Hi there. First of all, let me say how exciting it is to have my keyboard in hand the last couple days. Generally, I’m surprised how quickly I can type given what I’ve heard about learning the keyboard (my biggest learning hurdle I’ve come to realize is having never used a non-staggered keyboard layout!).

There is one recurrent issue: I noticed that after about 5 minutes the keyboard seems to sleep, and stop sending keys to my ubuntu 17 xps laptop.

After a bit of fiddling I think the issue is connectivity between the left/right keyboards. The rj45 jack into the right side of the keyboard doesn’t seem reliable - I’ve tried both the short and the long cable. In both cases any kind of movement of the cable seems to lead to the right side becoming unresponsive to keypresses, or the whole keyboard not responding. It seems to be the right rj45 connection that is fickle, I haven’t had as much luck reproducing the issue when a jiggle the cable going into the left keyboard rj45.

For the moment I’m sticking with the longer cable as it seems a little more stable, and using a led lighting so that I’m immediately aware if a minor bump to the rig has upset the connection.

I’m hoping that this is just a hardware problem (bad solder on the right rj45), but, maybe ya’ll have a better sense of whats going on?

I’d also like to know about this. Any other cable than the long one seems to work badly if at all.