Keyboard hang and key Chatter

Hi everyone,

So, i’m having this weird issue with my keyboard after some months not using it, and i’m not sure if it is an hardware or software related issue. Don’t know if this is a known issue or not. Wanted to know your opinions on it.


  1. Keyboard input hangs
  2. When it hangs
    2.1 If you notice and stop typing you wait couple seconds for it to become responsive and all is “good”
    2.2 If you just keep typing you’ll get key chatter (it seems that the amount dependes on how many key strokes you made during the hang.

Additional comments:

  • Doesn’t seem specific to some keys (as some hardware failures seem to point out here in the foruns), i could reproduce the issue with a diferent number of letters and numbers easilly.
  • It may be just my impression but it seems to happen more, the more time you spend typing/keyboard connected. It usually tends to happen more of during the afternoon (on a workday), to the point here i just unplug and go back to other keyboard cause it becomes unbearable.


  • Dell XPS 15
  • Windows 10

Attempts to solve:

  • Different cables (because of reasons :slight_smile:)
  • Update firmware (through Chrysalis)
  • Other external keyboards work just fine.

That sounds like it -could- be a USB connector failure resulting in disconnect-reconnect cycles on the keyboard. I don’t know where Windows 10 logs such stuff. Is there any chance you can test on a second computer?

Thanks for the reply. Starting to think that is actually a windows issue. I actually happened twice with another standard commercial keyboard, but the rate at which it happens is way lower than with keyboardio.

Will try and do the tests you recommended. Will post any updates here just in case someone comes across same issue.

It seems that the problem is with the external USB-C hub. Any keyboard connected to it does have the same problem, more or less depending on the hardware. In the case of keyboardio seems to be more often to the point of unusable.