Model 001 and 100 with thunderbolt dock have issues

Hi Folks,

first up, I’m loving the 100 replacing my 001 (although the 001 is still working fine).

I was hoping the firmware in the 100 would fix the issue I’m having with my Dell docking station, but sadly its doing the same thing the 001 did and that is just stopping at random intervals for no apparent reason.

I’m using the keyboards with Linux and this has been an annoyance with the 001 for years but I just carried on. If I plug either keyboard directly into the computer rather than through the dock I don’t have any issues, but that’s a bit annoying too as its another cable to have to plug in.

The disconnections seem to be related to windows loosing focus (screen savers starting, rapid switches between application?) but its not really clear what the issue is.

I’m not seeing anything of any value in the logs so I’m really not sure why this keeps happening.