Model 001 and 100 with thunderbolt dock have issues

Hi Folks,

first up, I’m loving the 100 replacing my 001 (although the 001 is still working fine).

I was hoping the firmware in the 100 would fix the issue I’m having with my Dell docking station, but sadly its doing the same thing the 001 did and that is just stopping at random intervals for no apparent reason.

I’m using the keyboards with Linux and this has been an annoyance with the 001 for years but I just carried on. If I plug either keyboard directly into the computer rather than through the dock I don’t have any issues, but that’s a bit annoying too as its another cable to have to plug in.

The disconnections seem to be related to windows loosing focus (screen savers starting, rapid switches between application?) but its not really clear what the issue is.

I’m not seeing anything of any value in the logs so I’m really not sure why this keeps happening.

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I’m having a similar issue here: Model 100 unresponsive, even after restart - #7 by jesse

If it’s happening with both the Model 100 and the Model 01, it’s probably not the firmware issues that we’ve been working on for the Model 100, because their low-level USB stacks are completely different. Can you describe the “stopping at random intervals” in more detail? Are key presses failing to register? Are keys acting like they’re stuck down? If an LED animation is running, does it freeze? Do the LEDs turn off completely?

Do any non-Keyboardio USB keyboards have these problems when plugged into the same dock?

What model is the dock? Are any other devices plugged into it? What cables are used to plug the keyboards into the dock?

Do you run any other OS (e.g., Windows) on that hardware? If so, do you have the same problems there?

Hi Taylor, sorry for the huge delay.

So, the keyboard just stops working. Led’s don’t change, no key presses work, it just locks solid.

Reboot the keyboard and off you go.

The other keyboard I tried (a Razor Black Widow) did the same thing.

Its a Dell TB16 dock. It has its firmware updated to the latest version on the Dell site. Plugged in via usbc into the XPS 15 and has one other monitor plugged in via display port and thats all.

I played with it yesterday and its doing the same thing still. I haven’t updated the firmware on the keyboard since I got it and re-flashed it to dvorak. Is there later firmware out now (I haven’t looked I have to admit) that might be worth a try? As you say though, both keyboards doing it, probably not a 100 issue.


If it’s happening for non-keyboardio keyboards, too, I’d probably point my finger at the dock, but we do really want to get to the bottom of this. :confused:

It was driving me crazy all day yesterday, so today, I have a tail running on the logs to see if I can capture anything, and of course, it hasn’t happened once.

I’m quite sure its the dock playing up… but it would be really nice to see what it is.

I’ll let you know if I end up capturing anything.

I’m pretty sure its some sort of timeout. It seems to be worse when I’m reading stuff so not constantly typing.


There are…a lot of reports of the TB16 failing like this with all sorts of keyboards and various laptops. :confused: The reddit threads linked below have a bunch of cargo-cult solutions that’d work for some folks.

At the office I encounter similar problems. With one Dell dock everything works fine (with the green rectangular) and with another (red rectangular) I have problems with dual screen support (some of my colleagues have problems with their wired Logitech or Dell keyboard). Definitely a Dell problem.

I’ve just replaced the OLD dock with a Dell WD22TB4.

Pretty annoying given that I have a replacement on a Kickstarter campaign that seems to have vanished (looks as though it’s the first scam I’ve hit on there) so basically paid twice for this one, but, so far, seems to have solved the keyboard issues :slight_smile: .

We’ll see what the long term usage holds.

Well… this has worked really well for months and months… but guess what!!

It’s back!!

The WD22TB4 is now playing up in pretty much the same way as the TB16 did.

It’s driving me crazy. Trying to code and I get either total frees or I get one character marching across the screen to its own tune.

I’ve not updated any firmware on the Dock (hard to do from linux anyway), nor the keyboard, I don’t know what’s changed other than perhaps the temperature getting warmer, but I don’t think that’s the issue.

Any ideas on how to diagnose/fix this sort of thing?

I’ve just plugged into a usbc port on the dock rather than the usba I was using, not sure if that will help, but its bloody annoying.