Keys stuck for no apparent reason

Recently my keyboardio became pretty much unusable. When plugged in it presses keys from the ‘3edc’ collumn. Mostly the 3.
I attatched photos where it is in the led-mode that shows what buttons are pressed.

This is a loud click one, I got it about summer last year, I have started to use it in the past month more actively, since I had no desk until then (student life :D)

I have no experience with debugging hardware or disassembling mechanical keyboards, this is what I figured so far:

-The keys do not seem to be stuck. I tried pressing them, spamming them, pulling and wiggling them gently.
-It is not an usb cable issue. Plugging the usb into different slots on my pc and replugging it on the keyboard end, changing the cable did not resolve it.
-I’ve read a long time ago that there was an issue with too much grease, that would shorten some contacts, but as far as I remember it was only an issue with the quiet click keyboards.

I have not tried removing the keycaps or opening the keyboard up yet.
If anybody has a solution, any leads or tips, I’d be thankful for your help.

IMG_20190116_160608_1 IMG_20190116_160648_1

I’d suggest going into test mode first (see here for how), and see if that marks any keys as chattery. Then, e-mail (regardless of the results of entering test mode, but with the information included), and they’ll walk you through the options, and help figure out how to best fix the problem.