I have a single dead-ish key


I have two keyboard.io units, and I’m very pleased with them. However, one has a single key (the ‘s’ on my dvorak layout; the semi-colon as printed which is often ‘dead’ ; that is, it doesn’t respond. If I hammer on it, it gets there, but often it takes two or three (or more) goes. Honestly, it’s been like this since day 1, and I have been remiss on following up on it (it’s my home keyboard, which gets used less often).

So my question is, are there any known issues (such as with the debouncing) that I can easily remedy myself?

As a first step, I’d recommend trying the built-in test mode, to see if it shows an error for the mentioned key. See this post for a short HOWTO:

Then, send a mail to help@keyboard.io, with your original post here, and the test mode results. They’ll walk you through the possible options. Emailing that address is important - especially if the key was dead on arrival - so they can keep a tally of faults.

Perhaps it is firmware version dependent, but when I tried the self test mode my keyboard seemed to wait for the left fn key rather than any key to do the initial cycling through colors.

I also have a key that I have to hammer on to get it to work. Is it straightforward to pull a switch out of the plate and replace it? I have some leftover (admittedly clicky) Matias switches from an earlier project.

It’s only the left Fn key that will cycle through to the switch test.

And just to follow-up on my question, based on @numist swapping all his key switches, I opened mine up and swapped my flaky 4 key for a clicky leftover. I wasn’t interested in preserving the original switch, so pulling it apart made desoldering a doddle. Probably took longer screwing and unscrewing things than the actual replacement process. I shouldn’t have waited a year. :sunglasses:

Meanwhile, back on the farm, my problem seems to have been a dry joint. I just reflowed the solder joints for the dead switch, and all is well!