Several keys sometimes dead, sometimes continuously fired without being pressed

I have two Keyboadios and most of the time I only used the loud ones. Now I changed two the quiet model but after only just a few hours of use, the F, R, 4 keys sometimes do not respond, then they start working again until the keyboard sometimes starts firing the 4 key, even without an initial keypress at all.
I tried the test mode and it seems fine, at least on the left side, where the problem keys are. On the right side, I cannot enter matrix mode.
Removed the enclosure but there are no signs of any physical abnormalities. The keys feel and sound just fine.
Ah, I’m using SpaceCaddet and the standard Colemak layout but referred to the keys by their original symbol, that is printed on the caps.

What can I do?

You should email, so we can help get this sorted out for you. I suspect it’s a short circuit. There may be things you can do at home to solve the problem, but we may need to swap out the circuit board for you.