Short circuit issue after keyswitch swap

I have swapped the keyswitch to “Matias Quiet-Linear Switch”, with advice Swapping out keyswitch mechanisms. It worked without any problem for 3 days.

Then the right half suddenly have no response, only some of the LED random keep on, and the left half works fine.

Here is what I have tried:

  1. Pluging into other PC.
  2. Refresh the firmware.
  3. Open the left enclosure to press the hidden rest button, then refresh the firmware.
  4. Change the line which connected the two half to the short one.

I’ve got a relatively early Model01 with one of the short cables that’s slightly too long, and because it’s jammed into the space between the two halves (I keep them connected), the right half has occasionally lost contact with the left. It definitely sounds like the two halves aren’t communicating properly in your case, but the right half is clearly getting power. Re-seating the connection has always worked for me, but since you’ve tried that, you might take a look at the RJ45 jacks on both halves and see if any of the contacts are bent.

I checked RJ45 jacks, it’s fine and re-seating the connections several times ,but no lucky.

Did you end up soldering anything? It sounds like you’ve ended up causing a short-circuit somewhere on the right hand side. It’s worth opening up the keyboard and looking inside to see if you can see anything that might be causing the short.

I have not solder anything. I did not even open the right enclosure. I’ll try to check the short-circuit anyway.

I have checked every keyswitch with multimeter. It seems no short-circuit. Is there any advice to check it?

Hm. The description suggests that it’s a short between the LED network and the keyswitch network, which would be some bit of metal touching two points that shouldn’t be connected. I could see this potentially happening when opening up a switch and possibly jostling one of the pins, though don’t know for sure exactly what happened.


As the picture I have uploaded. I pluged a little hard paper into the two metals to ensure them keep separated. Maybe the LED imply something?

Is it the problem of the left halve?

My bet is with the right half. Do the keys on the right side still work at all?

Do you have access to a logic analyzer or oscilloscope?

None of the key work on the right side. I only have a mulitmeter.

I don’t think it’s short circuit for now. Repairing it is beyond my skill. Definitely, I have voided my warranty. So, can I buy only another right side :joy:? I really love it after switching to the linear switch.

Can you email us at I’m sure we can figure something out :slight_smile:

Sure, thanks. :grinning: