Feedback after a couple of days

Hi, just quick feedback after a couple of days’ use.

  • the delivery from HK to Japan via fedex was fast and no problem - no damage to box or 'board.
  • the left side is warped, in that when I put it on a flat surface, it wobbles. I can fix it by putting a little 2mm high shim of some kind under one of the floating pads. I’m using the star feet, so it’s ok, but I just wanted to test how it felt when fully flat. Any tricks for this?
  • both lan cables had faulty connectors and would gradually slide out. Even if I press them firmly in, they don’t “click” in. I replaced to a short one I had at the office, and both sides of that cable give the normal “click” when you slide them in, and now everything is ok. It’s a problem with the cables, not the RJ45 female connector on each board side.
  • the left function key hole looks as though someone slipped with a tool - the hole edge has a little scratch, so it looks like the oval is imperfect. The right one is perfect. Maybe I’m too OCD but it stands out because it’s a beautiful product.

Finally, the basic tutorial that gets you to a state where you have re-mapped prog to esc is great, but, it’s a strech to say someone is ready to add a plugin etc after that. I think could take that tutorial just a little further to give us a bit more customization to cover a few plugins and more advanced concepts.

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@rickcogley - It sounds like you’ve got a bad left enclosure. Can you drop us a note at with some photos, so we can figure out the best way to get that sorted out for you.

You’re 100% right about customization documentation. We’ve got a graphical configuration tool, Chrysalis, which is eating most of our engineering cycles and should be a much, much better customization experience for most users. There are a couple more things we need to sort out before the onboarding experience is “friendly” enough, but if you want to play around, and should be a good entry point.

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To be clear this is fine, and I noticed only because I’m so OCD.

Please also see:

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