Help with Model01 spanish custom firmware

I am having lots of problems with an spanish layout that jordihs sent me long time ago. When I try to use it, it says that MACRODOWN is deprecated. I have no programming idea to fix it. Could someone help me, please?

This is the file:

Thanks a lot.

It seems that the Macros helpers have changed… so you will need to change it to match, using the new names that are documented: Macros — Kaleidoscope documentation

That is, instead of:

    case HASHTAG: 
      return MACRODOWN(D(RightAlt), T(3), U(RightAlt));
    case HASHTAG: 
      return MACRO(D(RightAlt), T(3), U(RightAlt));

But I’m not sure how that should be done…

More detail about how to do that change is here