Hot key rebinding.. is this possible?


I’m coming over from the Kinesis Advantage Pro, and my favorite feature of that device’s firmware is the ability to “hot” re-program keys bindings, just by pressing a series of keys.

This works by “copy” and “pasting” key binds essentially. You start the programming by pressing the Program key, then you press your source key to “copy” it, then press your destination key to “paste” it there. So to change “Delete” to “Space”, I would press: “Program, Space, Delete”. Resetting a key to its original keybind is quite easy, because in program mode all keys are at their default. So to reset “Delete”, I would press “Program Delete Delete”.

Would it be possible to do this with the Model 01?

(Gergely Nagy) #2

Yes! The EEPROM-Keymap-Programmer plugin does just this. Mind you, the plugin saw very light testing only, so there might be bugs. But the feature is possible, and the bulk of it has already been written.