How to install keyboardio setup from github on Windows 10

Looking to play with what looks like a very interesting keyboardio setup found here. However the install instructions make use of the make commands and I’m on a windows machine whereby they are not available. Any additional advice anyone can give to allow me to get this setup up and running on my own keyboard? Thanks!

You can run the make commands from WSL, or Cygwin, or something similar. Or, you can run them by hand from a windows prompt: it’s just a bunch of git clones, mostly (see here). Once the dependencies are in place, you should be able to compile the sketch from the Arduino IDE too.

For that to work, you’ll have to place the cloned repos to somewhere Arduino finds them. I don’t remember off the top of my head where that is on Windows, but the Windows instructions on the Wiki should help there, I believe.

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Great, thanks. All basic stuff but I’m not very familiar with how either Arduinio or Github works so theres a bit of a learning curve for me to get over. Thanks for the reply and all your good work with all things keyboardio!