Hybrid Switch Mods

A very entertaining keyboard/keyswitch reviewer did this little mod, switching the leaf from clicky and tactile (quiet click) Matias switches. It makes it a bit confusing when he labels one of the mods “quiet click” when it’s actually not the Matias Quiet Click itself but a Quiet Click switch with a leaf borrowed from a clicky switch, but that modded one is the one he likes best.

Maybe there’s a way to get leaves on their own? I don’t particularly want to buy 200 full switches (that Matias do sell online for $50) just to get a leaf from 64 of them to do this, and they don’t ship to Australia anyway.

Not exactly Hardware Hacking, I know, but it was the closest fit.

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Interesting. How do you open up the switch itself?

Same reviewer did a bit of a video on how to maintain Alps switches, of which Matias switches are basically clones. The ones he shows are “complicated Alps”, where Matias are clones of “simplified Alps”, but I would assume the same principles apply.

Actually, this one might be even better, as he’s doing pretty much the same mod here but on Alps switches (again, complicated, not simplified, but again the same principles should apply).

After swapping my keyswitches I experimented with the Matias switches and converted a few to clicky by bending the upper wings of the leaf springs. It makes a difference—the tactile bump is sharper—but it didn’t make as much of a difference as doing the same mod on SKCM Oranges or Creams.

I’d suggest top-modding a switch you don’t use very often (like prog, butterfly, or any) and then deciding if you want to mod the rest of them.