Infinitely Hot Keys with Heatmap

I’m new to the community, I’ve only had my keyboardio for a few days. I’m still trying to adjust and wanted to use heatmap to help see how I could better optimize the keyboard layout (and because I think it’s a neat effect). The issue I’m currently seeing with the default settings is an infinitely hot “Q” I tried rebuilding and redeploying just in case it was just a fluke, but it seems to consistently think that I hammer my “Q” key. I was curious if anyone else had run into this.
If I have overlooked something obvious or posted this in the wrong location, please let me know. Just trying to learn my way around here.

I’m using the Heatmap from the master branch of the git repository, not the one that is included with the base firmware.

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and/or Heatmap needs some TLC. I guess I know what plugin I’m going to work on first.

I have a workaround coded for this. The workaround does something I thought about doing anyway which is: Reset the heatmap. For whatever reason, on startup, my heatmap seems to initalize with a “W” key somewhere near the limit. Pressing it causes all other keys to go dark (they don’t appear to light back up with pressing either). Resetting the heatmap and the “highest” variable causes everything to work as intended from then on.
Not sure if I should see about getting the workaround pulled in or if I’m the only one.

I know @algernon appears to have done most of the work, but I’m not sure if I should contact them or what.

If you have a workaround, feel free to open a pull request =)

Hey Algernon! Love the name by the way. The thing is, I’m not sure how to get the branch to appear in github. I’m new to it, so maybe I’m just noobing something up here. The error I get when trying to push my branch is below.

Authentication failed. You may not have permission to access the repository or the repository may have been archived. Open options and verify that you’re signed in with an account that has permission to access this repository.

You need to fork the repository first, and push to your fork.

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and done. Thanks. Let me know if you see any issues. Any idea what the root cause of the single key getting an odd value in the heatmap is? Resetting the values allows it to work fine moving forward, so it just seems to be an issue with the initial state of the heatmap array.

No idea why it would be in a bad state initially… “static” members are supposed to be initialised to zero… I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on.

But I like the reset method, it can be useful even with the bug fixed, so I’ll merge your pull request tomorrow. (Sleep first…)

Awesome. I was going to write reset eventually anyway, but finding that it would work around my issue brought me to doing it a lot sooner.

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