Installing OneShot

Hey, it seems the style of the firmware file has changed since the readme for OneShot was written, and I can’t seem to figure out how to adapt it. Can you help me please?

It should still be the same, and the README up-to-date:

  • #include <Kaleidoscope-OneShot.h>
  • Place any one-shot keys you want on the keymap.
  • Add &OneShot to the list of plugins in Kaleidoscope.use()
  • Recompile, flash, use OneShots happily ever after =)

This line is confusing me: OSM(LeftControl), OSL(_FN). Should I wrap the existing Key_LeftControl, or simply paste this line somewhere? @algernon


Those should replace the existing Key_LeftControls. The README I suppose isn’t exactly clear about that, it only says “put these on your keymap” without going into much more detail… Anyway, any modifier or layer key you want to turn into a one-shot, replace their original with the OneShot counterpart.