Kaleidoscope-Model01-TestMode documentation?

I hear that Kaleidoscope-Model01-TestMode is a very useful debugging tool, but I have no idea how to use it. Before I go searching through the code to try to figure it out, is there any written documentation for it? Or is someone familiar with it willing to write up a brief summary?

It’s mostly useful to detect hardware issues, but here’s how to use it: press PROG, LED and left Fn together at the same time to enter the test mode.

First, it will test the LEDs by going through a few colors (waiting for any keypress in between): red, green, blue, then white. It will follow that with 1000 cycles of rainbow.

Then it enters the matrix test mode. In this mode, when you press a key, it will aggressively check for chatter (by reducing debounce time significantly). By default, all keys start out red. Held keys turn green. If chatter is detected, they turn red. If everything is ok, it turns blue.

To leave test mode, you will have to reach the matrix test phase, and the same combo you used to enter it, can be used to exit.

This is what it does at the moment.


The key sequence to exit test mode seems to not be working at the moment. I followed the instructions to test key chatter (it successfully found it after a couple of tries), but after testing all the keys, I tried pressing PROG, LED, and left Fn together, and instead of exiting test mode, it just restarted test mode. The only way to get back out of test mode was to unplug the keyboard altogether.

Really, you need to unplug and replug the keyboard. It was designed for the factory and turning off test mode is almost impossible.


A note of clarification for anyone else (like me) who has changed the location of their LED key: the key to press for this is the original LED key, not wherever you moved it to. (Presumably that applies for the PROG and left Fn keys as well.)

Yes, it specifies the keys by physical positions, not key codes (see here and here, plus this image).

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Trying to run test mode to see if I’ve fixed my key chatter issue. It lights the keyboard up red but get’s no further. I’m not using the stock layout but still have the TestMode plugin. Any suggestions?

Try pressing a key. The test mode first starts with cycling through some colors, then rainbow, and only then does it enter the matrix test part.

You need to tap the left fn key again a few times. (There’s a brief timeout before you can cycle away from red)