Unable to use ColorMap on Model01

I already asked that on the discord, but got no answer so I thought I might try here. Sorry if that’s an inconvenience.

I bought a used Model01 a few months ago and love it, I’m really happy with it.
Now I’d like to do some very basic stuff with the LEDs using ColorMap, so for starters I just copied the example from the kaleidoscope repo, compiled it and flashed it. The result I got is

  • only 5, seemingly random colors are used by the leds, on also seemingly random locations
  • a few seconds after I flash the firmware the leds of the right half of the keyboard turn off.
  • If I unplug and plug the keyboard again then all leds are turned off, but then if I press the led button, it turns on again

the other led plugins/effects (bootgreeting, stalker, …) all work fine. any idea what I might do wrong ? here is my current firmware: https://codeberg.org/nise/Model01-Firmware