Key Chatter On the T key


Since I got my nice new Atreus I have seen an issue with the T key, in that I nearly always get two or three TTT’s. Anyone got an idea as to how this can be resolved please?

Thanks, Adrian

Try swapping the switch under T with some other switch to see if the problem follows the keyswitch or stays with the socket?

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It depends how you touch the key as to how it responds. A shortt sharp tap gives n 80% hit rate, sttroke itt as you do most keys and it goes tto an 80% double tap, 20% trebel tap.
Are the key switches a sockettt fittt tthatt can be pulled out and swapped? If so I could in the short term swap the key for a little used switch.

Yes, the Atreus keys can be swapped. You need a keycap and keyswitch puller (you can get them both combined into a single tool, from Amazon, for like $5 – like this one). See something like this for details.

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Magic, swapped the key and the chatter followed the unit so a definate issue with the unit.
Thanks for the help.

Just to confirm, @Laverda180 did exactly the right thing and emailed us at with a detailed bug report. This does sound like misbehaving switches, rather than a defect in the circuit board. The right fix is likely going to involve sending out a care package of replacement switches

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Morning from the UK.
Been in correspondance with Jess and agreed that it is a switch issue and I already have the tracking details for the replacement.
Many thanks for the fantastic service you asr providing.