Unwanted keystrokes registered on model 100 and Atreus

Hi all,
I just received my new model 100. I am having the same issue that I had with my Atreus. There is something wrong with the keystrokes. I have installed the latest firmware 0.90.2+44
Sometimes there is a significant delay (1-2 seconds) between pressing the key and being typed in the computer, so there may be a word or two that I type that takes a while to appear registered on the screen. It feels like it is being buffered and then all keystrokes are sent at once.
Sometimes also the keystroke is repeated indefinitely, so I have to press other keys to stop sending it the same letter to the computerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :frowning:
I do not think it is a switch. It happens even when I am writing on a logitech keyboard (with the model 100 still plugged). This behaviour stops as soon as I unplug the model 100.

So I think that there is something going on with the PC & model 100. My guess is it has something to do with my Windows 10 machine settings. I was wondering if someone have any hints on how to debug this problem.

Many Thanks!

no solution, but I have experienced similar problems with Model 100 with Windows 10 (not so far with Windows 11, which I use mostly nowadays) and with the current firmware as well, which is for me 0.91.0+68.
When my keyboard went crazy I could not stopppppppppppppppppppp the key by pressing another key, but had to unplug the keyboard.

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That is also my experience. Same keyboard behaves differently in windows and linux. No problem in linux at all.