mentions application-specific macros?

I’ll mention first that I can live without it, it’s not a high priority for me.

…but mentions application-specific macros. It’d be nice, I wouldn’t have to dedicated whole layers to firmware macros for each program I want to macro-up.

Is there an update or an ETA on this?

I’m running Windows 10.

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This is something that requires a program on the host side to help, Chrysalis will be used for. There is no ETA yet, as we need to get more basic features working first.

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I hope this isn’t too out of scope for this thread, but will Chrysalis work with custom firmware? I’m imagining something like a singular Chrysalis layer, or some kind of plugin that needs to be included. What I’m really hoping is that you won’t have to use a special .ino, or some kind of generated binary that precludes using your own.

You will need the Focus plugin, and likely another one which we haven’t written yet, to track the application on the host side, so you can use it in macros. You won’t need a special layer, nor a generated binary or anything like it. (You will be able to use a MACRO layer, if so you wish, mind you, but that’s a choice, and not mandatory in any way.)

The goal is to allow Chrysalis to work with custom firmware, as long as a few necessary plugins are included.

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