Macros - How to handle and flash

Hi all,
I would like to add macros to my firmware, so I can execute complex typings (e.g. command line) with push of a button.
How is the recommended way to handle this and the flashing?
Do I have to always use the Arduino way? Or can I also use the Chrysalis way?

I have difficulties to decided which way to use.
I also have the impression that Chrysalis seems to overwrite everything with the firmware update function.

Can someone please provide me some insides?

Best regards


In this case, there is only one way: Arduino, because Chrysalis does not support custom macros yet.

When you flash a firmware with Chrysalis, that will, indeed, overwrite everything not stored in EEPROM. But you can use custom firmware with Chrysalis, you do not need to use the firmware shipped with it.

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