Keyboardio 01 Feedback

Feedback for this product, just got a secondhand with half price
Mathias Clicky ALPS

the good:

  1. split keyboard :3 yay finally
  2. default layout is annoyingly make a lot of typo, but… chrysalis is good

the bad:

  1. clicky annoying, worse than mx blue
  2. fn function sometimes accidentally pressed

the worst:

  1. switch is like old 80s keyboard, hard af/hard to press, worst one i ever use, especially the A-Z-X-C keys (and the left keys of them) also happened on the right side, i wish i can replace this but nothing seems available in Indonesia / tokopedia / shopee indonesia
  2. position of Q key on the same row near S-D-F key make it typo a lot, also because it’s vertical/columnar layout, make it not normal and take time to adapt
  3. whole thing seems not optimized for coding and standard shortcut, alt+backspace, alt+Fx, ctrl+shift+Fx, ctrl+alt+Fx, ctrl+left/right, ctrl/shift+home/end/pgup/pgend, shift+down tab, etc

Hi kokizzu,

Welcome to the forums!

… and congratulations on your purchase :slight_smile:

Have you been able to get used a bit in the mean time?

The board is optimized for coders and writers by coders and writers.

Did you explore the possibilities of the firmware?

Good luck!